La Jolla Exploration

IMG_0304Another one of our California adventures consisted of visiting La Jolla where we took in tons of beautiful views and again climbed plenty of rocks. Our day was spent exploring shoppes with dog bowls outside every entrance, romping on the beach surrounded by sea lions, and we even watched a baby seal make its way to the ocean (that was precious). Every single moment was memorable and absolutely lovely!

Around lunchtime we all decided that we wanted something different to eat, as is usually the case with my family. My sister was dying to try some fish tacos that one of her friends had raved about, I wanted a salad, and Austin and my dad wanted a meal fit for carnivores. I settling on getting a fresh, organic, raw salad from Beaming and I paired it with a juice that I could share with Austin. Beaming was so cute and they were able to make just about any organic or fresh salad/sandwich that you asked for. Not only that, but also, they could juice just about anything and had some interesting yet tempting combinations that stated they could naturally help with different things like concentration, inflammation, or energy. I was so in love with the fact that I could get fresh foods at every corner of California, there were no food deserts, and there were always so many options for my diet.


After eating, we continued enjoying the sunshine and loving the scenery which was made up of beautiful trails filled with native plants. It was so peaceful- the smell of salt in the air, the sound of waves crashing against the rocks with the barking of sea lions in the distance, not to mention the feeling of warmth on my sun-starved skin. Austin and I loved how many things there were to do, how many places there were to spend our time, and how we could be so in touch with nature at all times. Another trip to California is definitely in our future.



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