Coronado Island Love

A few weeks ago Austin and I visited California and fell madly in love. Maybe it was the sunshine (Vitamin D is powerful stuff). Maybe it was the recycling bins at every corner. Perhaps it was the fact that almost every person was playing/walking a dog–truly it was precious and my animal loving self was in Heaven. I could go on and on about the organic food options, the prevalence of soy and almond milk available, and the native flowers planted wherever possible…but no matter the combination of things that it was, California has a piece of our hearts.


One day in particular we had an adventure to Coronado Island. On top of it being a beautiful day, we had the pleasure of visiting little shoppes, climbing some boulders on the beach, and exploring Hotel Coronado and all of its surroundings. Austin and I were very impressed with some raised beds that we found so we snapped a few pictures and began thinking about how we could implement some of their ideas into our own garden this summer. Unfortunately, in Indiana we do not have the pleasure of growing strawberries year round, however, we could start organizing our rows with signs, and could introduce additional herbs into our library of plants.

While we were climbing the massive rocks we found two pairs of pants that were lost between cracks. This was both alarming and confusing considering we accidentally wandered onto a nude beach just days before (different post for another day). The view of the ocean from the rocks was breathtaking and making our way across slippery and mossy rocks was a fun challenge for us!


Overall, we loved Coronado, it was super fun and we made so many memories. I cannot wait to go back so we can explore more of what California has to offer. Additional California pod posts will be coming in the near future!


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