Farmers Market- Adventure of Austin & Lindsay

This weekend I finally got to visit Austin in Bloomington for the annual Military Ball. Each year I get to visit and always leave with wonderful memories and adventures. Last year we hiked on several trails and saw a HUGE snake. But since the ball was scheduled for the beginning of April instead of towards the end, the temperature was not quite warm enough for us to have an enjoyable day of exploring in woods. However, the weather was perfect for some locally brewed Ethiopian blend coffee and the Farmers Market. The opening season of the farmers market started the Saturday I was visiting which I think we can attribute to fate itself.

Austin and I were so excited to look at all of the venders and see what all we could add to our garden. So after doing a walkthrough we began making tough decisions on what plants to purchase and where we would place them either in our vertical or raised garden beds. Besides the plants being absolutely beautifully colored, I loved that you could talk with the people that grew them and they could give you advice about literally anything garden related. The different smells of the flowers and herbs in the air was so lovely and I couldn’t help but think that Austin and I would go get free range eggs there each week if we could.

Austin and I actually fit in really well considering we both were wearing our Patagonia zips! The number of outdoorsy people with reusable bags was enough to make my heart swell, and being that we were in Bloomington, the amount of recycling bins was so much more apparent. Again another win in my book! Overall, the market was a success and we introduced, oregano, violas, broccoli, Kitty (wheat) grass, and 30lbs of organic composted soil to our summer garden this year!


Breaking down our purchases we knew that the oregano would be perfect for the vertical aspect of the garden considering it does not need deep roots to flourish. And on top of that it is one herb that we can use in a variety of recipes once we dry the leaves. Fun oregano fact: the best and most flavorful leaves come right before the flowers bloom!  The Kitty grass will be a favorite of Scout, Austin’s cat, and the organic soil will help ensure all our nutrients are balanced with the right amount of phosphate, potassium, and nitrates. We will most likely mix in our own compost mixture, as well as organic mushroom compost, and coffee grounds (which the blueberries love) to work at getting the soil the ideal balance for our veggies this summer. Also, perhaps this year we will have better luck with broccoli considering it has not been successful in the past (apparently Fall broccoli grows better for many people) and these broccoli sprouts were labeled “magic” so fingers crossed they flourish. Lastly, Austin and I could not pass up violas. They were so pretty and delicate, yet bold. So naturally, we picked out our two favorite and they too will have a home in our garden.

The next projects we have for the garden are finishing the second vertical aspect, designing a more effective composting system, and finishing the structure of the raised bed itself. I am so excited to see what we build, plant, grow, and harvest this summer together! More Pod Posts to come!


“Pod Posts” are posts involving this Ethiopian blend coffee loving boy, and our many adventures in our pod together!


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