Our Own Fixer Upper

This past week Austin and I decided that the time had come to redo my bedroom. With that in mind we channeled our inner Chip and JoJo/Property Brothers, and developed an overall design that ended up being absolutely perfect! Not only that, but we were able to remodel old furniture pieces and turn them into dressers that look completely different. Austin has so many talents and skills that he just naturally picks up on. One of these is woodworking/carpentry. Give him some power tools and lumber and he will put together something beautiful and one of a kind. For Christmas he created a bookcase that served as the inspiration behind the rest of my room (see below).IMG_9746.jpg

From there we focused on paint colors and settled on a Glacial tone for the majority of walls and a single wall that was a Slate grayish-blue color. We also decided to have one small wall that would serve as a chalkboard, which I will include pictures of later. While I was painting the room for what seemed like an eternity, Austin was working on the floating shelves that would be placed on the Slate wall. Also we installed and placed a metal rod that will house a ladder in the near future so I can readily reach all the books on my top shelf.




Aus and I love projects and this was certainly quite the undertaking. Not only did we end up having fun and making memories throughout the days that we worked, but also, we now can see the result of all our hard work. In the future I have a feeling we will be doing many more projects, and renovations. When a painter with an organic eye and a carpenter with the work ethic and skills for making brilliant pieces come together, absolutely one of a kind results occur. I am so excited to see what Austin and I will try to accomplish next! IMG_0066.jpgIMG_9854.jpgIMG_0062.jpg


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