Heaven in a Cup

I consider myself a coffee connoisseur of sorts. I start each day with a cup (or three) and can never turn down some freshly brewed beans. This year Austin gifted me a french press that has utterly taken the coffee drinking experience to a new level. Moreover, I can grind my own beans, which ends up making the coffee a much purer and stronger brew.


All that being said, I have tried a lot of coffee. I have sipped my fair share of mediocre cups, have painfully tasted mugs full of down right atrocious coffee. But nothing compares to that perfect cup: slightly steaming, the smell wafting through the kitchen, the creamy yet light texture, and the rich and bold taste. Austin and I have successfully found the secret to a good pot of coffee. It is about experimenting with blends and brews.


Currently we are utilizing the 5:9 ratio. Five teaspoons coffee to nine cups water. Our favorite coffee beans as of this month (our favorites change quite a bit) are “Coffee Cake” and “Jamaican Me Crazy.” Both of which are freshly ground the moment you purchase them from Our Daily Brew. Our Daily Brew is a quaint little coffee and tea shop with a wide variety of leaves and beans. If you cannot make a trip to Fort Wayne and pick up a bag or two, you can order online and have all the coffee beans or grounds you want shipped right to your door!


On top of those two bean flavors themselves, Austin and I also like Dunkin’ Donuts coffee beans (Medium Roast), as well as Vanilla Private Selection coffee. Any of these coffee bean selections taste exceptional, both hot or cold. Not only that, but if you fancy cream, they are complimented well with cream and or soy milk!

Not to mention that a functional and cute mug makes all coffee somehow a little bit better!


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