100 Acres with Austin

This past weekend Austin and I decided to treat ourselves to an adventure. Every summer we try to pack in as many special day trips and activities as possible to maximize our time together. That being said, since Chicago was experiencing cold temperatures and rain, we opted for an impromptu trip to Indianapolis. This marked our first trip to the IMA as well as 100 Acres.


I will be sure to post a second blog post soon regarding the Indianapolis Museum of Art and everything we had the privilage of seeing and doing while exploring the expansive galleries that made up a total of four floors! We did so much while in Indy that solely condensing everything into one blog post just won’t do it justice. That being said, specifically this lovely place called 100 Acres is connected to the IMA and is a wonderful scenic walk/trail, filled with sculptures, gardens, and nature. Austin and I decided instantly that the next time we came back we would have to bring bicycles so we could visit the rest of the special and hidden spots it has to offer.


The two aspects we explored within the 100 Acres were the Funky Bones, and an incredible swing set. Funky Bones may ring a bell if you have ever read the book or seen the movie “The Fault in Our Stars” by John Green. Not only was it really neat to realize that a very popular movie was shot where we were standing, but also, it was exceptional to think about the purpose behind the work of art. Below I am seated on my personal favorite bone, the femur, of which I have broken both my left and right!


“What I love about the sculpture is that it makes the bones that we are always walking and playing on manifest, like in a world that so often denies the reality of death and the reality that we are surrounded by and outnumbered by the dead. Here, is a very playful way of acknowledging that and acknowledging that and that always, whenever we play, whenever we live, we are living in both literal and metaphorical ways on the memory and bones of the dead.”
― John Green


This quote could not better summarize the irony and brilliance behind the artwork. Austin and I made our way jumping from bone to bone and took quite a few pictures as well. We made sure to put into practice our knowledge of the human skeleton while sharpening up on our anatomical terms too!

FullSizeRender 2

We also made sure to swing on this astounding swing set. Not only were the seats perfect since they did not pinch/hug your hips (this is always a huge plus as far as evaluating swing sets go), but also, the design was remarkable and unlike anything I have ever seen. The tree itself was stripped of it’s bark and the swings were directly attached to the trunk of the tree. Moreover, the bark from the tree was placed on an attached hut. Not only was this a beautiful work of art, but also it was fun and function!


Without a doubt Austin and I will definitely be visiting 100 Acres again in the near future (most likely again this summer). There is so much more to see and experience that we unfortunately, did not have the time for this past weekend. I am very much looking forward to our next visit! Hopefully it will include bicycles, sunscreen, a picnic, and countless new memories.


As always I encourage getting some vitamin D, trying something new with the people you care about, and enjoying as much art as possible.


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