During the winter months I cannot help but miss the color green. I have a love hate relationship with snow during the winter season. I love it on Christmas, I can handle a light dusting or powder, or a snow-covered tree branch. But when it is covering every inch of the ground, when the temperatures are freezing cold, or when what used to be pretty has turned to slush, I cannot help but wish it was Spring. That being said, I like to bring about my own Spring.


I came across the cutest Amazon shoppe every, Sarah’s Succulents, it sells tons of different succulent and cacti cuttings for you to start your own little collection. Hands down this was the best buying experience I have ever had on Amazon and I will definitely be purchasing from her shoppe again. The best part is they are so easy to take care of and they stay green and lively during the winter months. Not only that, but the seller sends you so many different types/varieties and provides you with the instructions you need to make sure you keep your plants alive. She can even send along a heat pack with your order so that the plants don’t freeze! Currently I am growing mine in recycled coffee containers until they get a bit bigger and will be placed into separate planters. Since they are cuttings they are rather small, which is a good thing in the winter as far as maintenance goes. They are simple to take care of and bring some sunshine to the gloomy winter days.


My love for plants could “stem” from going to the local garden center as a child with my mum and selecting which flowers  to grow each spring. We still do this each year and it is something I really cherish. My green thumb has only increased in size since dating Austin since each summer we plant a veggie garden filled with a bunch of different leafy greens and even some carrots! He is a natural gardener and probably one of the handiest and most helpful people I know. Plus he can till up soil like a professional.


Currently I have been considering purchasing a Clementine Mandarin tree to add to my little indoor plant collection. If I had my way I would probably have a room filled with plants, it would make a plant based diet quite simple, would provide endless green all year round, and would be extremely helpful when cooking things that require herbs. Nothing like bringing the outdoors in!



I found this picture online and thought it was the cutest thing! How lovely and cheery a room filled with plants would be. By far one obsession I will never get old of.

“Plant the trees just for beauty,
If flowers bloom or fruits ripen,
Enjoy it as a gift and appreciate nature as a universal giver.”
― Debasish Mridha


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