Exploring Books

Yesterday Austin and I decided to go on a short little adventure. We wanted to have a Saturday filled with fun and a “novel” experience. After doing a bit of research we discovered a local bookstore that was a hidden gem just an hour away. In the morning we packed a few snacks, and set off in hopes of expanding our library. I have quite the fascination with used books. To me, it seems like a well read book contains so much more than just the story it shares. It tells more than just the repeating lines and words on each of the pages–the smell, the worn out paper, and the creased corners all elude to each individual that previously got lost in the book, as well as their own life story. Sometimes as I am reading I find myself wondering where all the book in my hands has traveled. Did the crinkled page result from a dip in the bath tub, or a sudden unexpected rain shower outside? Was a particular sentence powerful to the last individual as it was to me? Did this book impact, inspire, and affect them in a similar way as it did me? Are we sharing any other commonalities besides having an excellent taste in literature? (: Needless to say, books are filled with curiosities and hidden messages, and that, to me, is quite remarkable, but I digress. Upon first entering the bookstore, we were taken aback by the floor to ceiling mountain of books. Shelf after shelf, and room after room, the massive amount of books in the shop seemed like it would never end. Categories and books of all sorts, old and new books, books spanning virtually any topic imaginable from geology and fungus to popular books, classical books, and mysteries. You name it, it was there.


One of the most rewarding things about going to this bookstore was the fact that you had to hunt for the books. It was your job to find the section you were interested in and use the wooden book ladder to reach it. It was your task to search and explore the massive rooms, pouring over the books and the worlds and characters they contained. And if you think it couldn’t get any better, you are mistaken. They have two cats that live in the bookstore. They sleep on the shelves when not roaming the isles themselves. Not to mention the fact that the books are sold at a reduced price and students get a discount.


Next time you are bored and want a simple yet exciting date, drive and find a local book shop. Build your own little library together and continue to keep your eyes out for books you both love. Maybe even write a list of books you’ve read or like so that you can search for them at other book stores around your area or maybe even in a different state on a different venture. On a whole Austin and I had a memorable and super fun afternoon with our noses kept promptly in plenty of books. We climbed ladders, read many summaries, and found some lovely additions to our library. I would say it was a successful Austin Lindsay adventure…end of story.


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