Mud Makin’- Painting Pottery

This past weekend Austin and I decided that we wanted to get in touch with our artistic side. In our town we have a local paint your own pottery shoppe, that we both have gone to several times. So we both agreed that visiting the shoppe and getting our hands a little messy and colorful from paints would be a great way to spend our afternoon together.


The entire process involves picking out what piece you are going to paint. You can pain anything from piggy banks, to picture frames, or dinner plates to sugar jars. Before even looking around completely we both had our hearts set on painting coffee mugs. And due to the wide variety available we both had a wide range of possible mugs and cups to choose from. In the end we each chose a substantial and larger built mug (since we both would most likely welcome IV fluids of coffee hooked up to us on a daily basis).


Just a side note, not only can you paint pottery, but you can also rent the pottery wheel and create your own clay pieces and projects. Not any good at throwing on the wheel yet? That is ok! You can get lessons on how to use it! How fun would a date spent in the studio learning how to make mugs and plates from mud be?


After we had selected our mugs we both got to work prepping and painting our pottery pieces. We had such a fun afternoon listening to music and painting our mugs. Laughing at old memories, and simply adoring the architecture of the little shop. Since we had both been before, we were basically professionals and knew how to successfully create the best mugs ever!


Just some hints:

1. Wipe down your pieces before painting. This gets rid of any dust and prepares the piece for a more even and smooth painting surface.

2.  Always do more than one coat, the glaze will look better after it is fired and out of the kiln.

3. Be patient, try your best to keep your hand steady. Spending extra time painting will pay off in the long run.

4. Plan out what you want on your piece BEFORE you get started with the paint. You can even use a pencil, once it is in the kiln the lead will disappear.

photo 3

Painting our pottery was a blast; plus, it was fairly cheap and easy to do as well! I decided to paint a coffee mug covered in different types of coffee. Austin also chose a coffee mug, but he painted a patriotic bison on his. How cute! Our pieces will be fired and ready to pick up in a week, and I am really looking forward to seeing how they turn out. It will make facing the fall and winter a little easier with some coffee or cappuccino in our cups!

photo 1 copy

Developing a Date:

Paint your own pottery shoppes are popping up everywhere! Check and see if one is near you so you can paint together! If not, do a different art project together, maybe Wine and Canvas, sharpie mug making, or maybe recycle some old cereal boxes into something new! Whatever you decide to do, you will enjoy your time and exploring your creative side with your significant other!


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