Boyfriend at the Ballpark

This past week Austin and I managed to knock several summertime adventures “out of the park.” Yes, this pun was intended! We headed to Fort Wayne to watch the Tincaps play some of America’s greatest pastime…baseball. My experience with baseball up until this past week went as far as Little League games, oh and watching the occasional New York Yankee game with my dad (boo Red Sox). So needless to say this was definitely something I needed to be educated in and to take part in ASAP. Our tickets happened to be free–and it is a proven fact…(if it wasn’t already it is now) that everything is much better when it is free. For example free lemonade sold by little kids on the sidewalk tastes 110 times better than $0.50 sugary/watery/sour/warm lemonade, ask anyone.


The entire night was excellent. The weather ended up being perfect, the food warranted no complaints from Austin, except perhaps that the macaroni and cheese was too cheesy, and the the atmosphere was wonderful. Austin and I enjoyed watching the Tincaps win and really liked exploring the facility and all that it had to offer. Plus, we both got to try something new together that we hadn’t yet done in our 3 years of dating.


Right after the game was over, since we had about a 40 minute drive home, we stopped for some much needed Dunkin Donuts coffee. Austin and I are coffee fanatics, and one of the best things about DD is the fact that you can mix several different kinds of coffee together (yum)!


The only thing I would have changed about the night would have been leaving the stadium with a foul ball that I victoriously and oh so athletically caught. Perhaps next game we attend I can fulfill that dream of mine, or at least buy some peanuts and or crackerjacks!

Developing A Date: Get tickets to a Minor League game, it is a relaxed and memorable date. There are without a doubt plenty of food options and it is a great way to spend your night together! Another common perk of baseball parks is that some even have picnic areas where you can pack your own food to eat up while the players round second base. Who knows, maybe next date you can graduate to a Major League game! (:


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