My Pickin’ Patch Partner!

Austin and I had it on our summer list of adventures to go to a picking patch and pick fresh strawberries straight off the bushes. With a decent weather forecast in sight and a craving for some sweet and tasty berries we headed out to the picking patch and without wasting a moment we went right to work.


Although the underlying reason we decided to go berry picking was because it seemed like a lot of fun, we also calculated how much money we could save by picking our own strawberries instead of purchasing from the market/grocery. More on that later! (: We also considered the fact that we could freeze the majority of what we picked and use them for smoothies and desserts throughout the year. Fact: Austin is a smoothie king and is the ultimate master at making the best protein filled smoothies! Not only that, but also, we could make our very own jam/preserves (upcoming post).


Needless to say, when we got down to the actual task, we definitely dominated that patch and had so much fun doing it! Besides the constant comparison of who could find the biggest and best strawberry (I think I won), we also enjoyed the sunshine and discussing what exactly we would first create with our strawberries. All in all we collected 26 pounds of berries, and had it not been around lunch time we could have picked more! Unfortunately, our stomaches took over our berry manifested brains, and made us stop our picking adventure to get them filled ASAP.

photo 2

Overall, our date that day was quite memorable and tons of fun. After doing some simple math we calculated that we saved a total of $26.00 by picking our own berries. Strawberries in our local stores usually cost about $2.50 a pound, so we were relatively happy and pleased with the amount of money we saved by doing something new and exciting. So far with the berries we picked I have made smoothies, strawberry milk shakes, strawberry pie, and jam/preserves. I would call that a successful time with my Pickin’ Patch Partner.


photo 1

Developing a Date:

Go to a picking patch and pick whatever produce you fancy as long as it is available and in season. This past fall we went to an apple orchard and that was loads of fun, right now is optimal blueberry picking season. No matter the season there will most likely be something available to pick. After gathering all your fruits or veggies you can wash and clean them and start following recipes and make delicious sweets and treats!



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