Chicago Part Two: Art Museum

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This past June was my birthday and Austin took me on an adventure in Chicago! As I mentioned before, the day was so packed with wonderful and fun experiences and events that I figured I had to divvy it up into more than one post! Wildberry Café was extremely yummy, and gluten free, which is always a plus, not to mention it kicked off our day with winning meal! A bit later, after consuming our breakfast, and shopping around, Austin took me to the Art Institute of Chicago.

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For a few years now I have wanted to visit the Art Institute, but I never have had any of my family want to tag along with me. Luckily, Aus knew just how much I would love the museum and surprised me with a ticket and served as my fellow art observer! If you ever decide to venture to Chicago and visit the Art Institute (and I highly recommend it), make sure you bring your things in a cross body instead of a book bag because they make you awkwardly wear your book bag in front of you, which makes it sort of like you are pregnant. Also tucked in the back corner of the museum is a quaint, modern bistro with drinks and snacks to enjoy between exhibits!

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My favorite exhibit would have to be the more modern pieces displayed. Although I love some of the older pieces displayed, seeing the way art has evolved and transformed just baffled me. All in all, we viewed video footage, photographs, paintings, sculptures, and just about any and every medium you can imagine. The breadth of each exhibit was phenomenal, and unsurpassed. I found myself eagerly entering each room, ecstatic to see what was displayed and what details or thoughts were hidden behind each piece.

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Basically, in a nutshell, the Art Institute of Chicago was a blast. I learned an immense amount of information and culture, and saw so much fantastic and brilliant artwork. Warhol, Picasso, Monet, Renoir, and Magritte all captured my heart. It was sheer bliss seeing pieces I had studied and learned about in school right before my very eyes! The museum was beautiful and a work of art itself to walk around in, which really put the cherry on top of the entire art experience. Overall, without a doubt, The Art Institute of Chicago Museum is something that needs to be applauded and that needs to be visited on more than one account.

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Developing A Date:

This one is plain and simple, it’s easy peasy, visit and Art Museum and discuss what you saw and your personal likes and dislikes over lunch!

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