Super [Food] Soup

This morning I woke up with all of these plans and thoughts running through my head. I was going to go kayaking, fish, play tennis, and read outside at the local café. To my dismay the sun was kidnapped by the clouds and instead rained ensued. I settled with a quick trip to the library and some lunch preparation. Austin had his heart set on some rainy day soup and together we decided to throw together a healthy, hearty, super soup.


After googling and pinteresting soup recipes we quickly came to the conclusion that we were going to have to create our own recipe in order to truly satisfy our tastebuds. It was decided that we would utilize kale, spinach, Miracle noodles, carrots, potatoes, mushrooms, celery, chicken, navy beans and avocado in a base of chicken broth.


This was such a simple recipe, and all the ingredients were freshly washed and cut before we used them. Surprisingly enough this recipe was very healthy (even the beans had 0 calories from fat) and caused even my mum to take more than one helping. She would not stop talking about how good it was and how impressed she was that we threw together this rainy day soup surprise.


Since carrots and potatoes take the longest to actually cook we placed chopped carrots and sliced potatoes into slightly salted boiling water and let these veggies cook while Austin worked on the chicken and I continued to cut and add other vegetables to the watery mix.


The chicken was prepared with olive oil and a salt and pepper rub. Our goal was to make the flavors very powerful and natural. After the chicken was done cooking we shredded it and put it into the huge pot of simmering veggies. By shredding the chicken it allows it to be evenly distributed throughout the soup. Also, it makes the texture of the soup immensely better (I have no explanation for this…it’s just how it is!).

As he continued to cook and then shred the chicken, I added a good amount of spinach, kale (after giving Charlotte, my rabbit some), chopped celery, white mushrooms, and navy beans. Just like most of our recipes we don’t really focus on measurements. If you are in love with carrots you can add more carrots, maybe you’re obsessed with navy beans…throw in some more. There is no wrong combination of way of making this soup. After the veggies had cooked and become a good consistency I drained them from the water they were simmering in and placed them into a pot of chicken broth. By the time this was taking place the kitchen was filled with the aroma of our delicious soup and our mouths had already started watering.

The rest was fairly simple, Austin had finished preparing and shredding the chicken (always go with the grain!) and had placed it into the pot with the broth and veggies. Lastly I prepared the Miracle Noodles, which are actually a gluten free noodle with no calories in them. Shocking, I know!!! They are made from the plant protein in yams and they look extremely bizarre and sort of move like a jellyfish when you cook them. However, they are delicious and end up absorbing the brothy flavor. Not only that, but, strangely enough they fill you up and are incredibly tasty! Plus, they take little to no time to prepare. Rinse them off, boil them for 3 minutes, drain, and place in your soup!


We topped off our bowls of soup with freshly cut avocado slices, which when paired with all the ingredients in the soup made for an occasionally creamy and certainly a “super” soup. Prepare with caution…this soup is addicting and oh so delicious. It was literally the perfect soup of a rainy day, not to mention it was packed with healthy and natural foods!

Navy Beans




Chicken Broth

Shredded (Oiled, Salted and Peppered) Chicken Breast


Sliced Potatoes

Chopped Carrots

Miracle (Shirataki) Noodles




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