Wildberry Café- True Gluten Free Bliss

Apparently as people mature and get older the excitement of birthdays and special events decreases…or at least plateaus. This has never been and will never be the case for me. I am a sassy birthday queen and I have been since day one. Birthdays are the one day of the year where it is all about you. Literally, it is your day! For Pete sake you only get one day out of 365 to act like you own the world without being ridiculed. Why some people blow their birthday off like it is just another day is something I have never been able to comprehend. I just cannot wrap my head around it! I will forever be way too excited for birthday fun, treats, decorations, and little (or big) gifts.


So for my birthday last week, Austin surprised me by taking me to Wildberry Café in Chicago. Although the day itself deserves multiple posts (and trust me there are more in the making for this day alone) due to the elaborate happenings of the day, I figured I would start this particular post by sharing the first adventure we went on. For breakfast Austin took me to a grand café that serves the best breakfast in the world. Maybe you think I am exaggerating or overreacting. I am not. I am serious. This place is the Taj Mahal of breakfast places, it’s the cat’s pajamas, the crème de la crème. They have delicious coffee and speciality drinks, VARIOUS (yes that’s right I said it, a wide variety) of gluten free food, not to mention the food is insanely good. Needless to say, when he spilled the beans about this first stop on our birthday venture I was immediately so excited.


We both decided to order mint mochas, which were so smooth and sweet! We both struggled to thwart off urges to finish them before our food came. Although it was a seriously tough decision, I settled on getting the gluten free Wildberry Crunch Oatmeal. This oatmeal was had a great texture, not too lumpy and not too smooth. Not only that, but, it was packed with strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries (what a wild bunch), and had some GF Granola on the side. I probably would have had 50 bowls of this oatmeal, which tasted like it was sent from the Heavens, if I could have.





Austin, being the expert carnivore and eater that he is, ordered the Butcher’s Skillet (what a name hehe) with the Signature Berry Bliss Pancakes. The pancakes looked almost too pretty to eat, but after pausing just quickly enough to get some pictures, Aus dove in head first. The amount of food that was delivered to our table was ridiculous, but we both managed to do some serious damage to the cornucopia of food in front of us. Wildberry Cafè was  brilliant way to start our June 10th birthday adventure in Chicago.





We will without a doubt be visiting again. I cannot wait to experience and try the other gluten free foods available on the menu! Going to Wildberry, or to any new place to eat breakfast is a wonderful date. Bond over breakfast blend coffee, talk over tea, or laugh over lattes. Either way get out somewhere new with the person you care about, birthday or not, and get something yummy to eat in a neat out of the ordinary environment.



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