Pickles Café

Yesterday afternoon Austin and I were both itching to take a short little trip to get some lunch. We love to explore new places to eat and find such pleasure in finding quirky little shops and stores. With a restricted diet finding something to eat is sometimes a bit of a challenge, especially when it involves a short drive and a small cafe you’ve never eaten at, but it makes the process even more thrilling. Plus my mother raised me on the firm belief in always packing snacks.


I am not proud to say that I am notorious for getting a wee bit cranky when I am hungry. Now in that hungry moment I would insist that no, I am not THAT hungry, and no, I am not that grumpy. But unfortunately, hunger hostility is a real thing for me. So that being said, ever since I can remember there has been an ample supply of emergency Clif bars, Luna bars, carrots, and rice cakes for me to munch on if and when I reach that point. This also serves as a backup if I cannot find anything gluten free or that tickles my fancy once we reach our lunch destination!



Austin and I have travelled north, south, east, and west to diners and cafés remotely close to our home town. We love the experience, the car prattle, and the good food that always seemed to be bestowed upon us. Yesterday’s luncheon escapade involved driving to a little place called Pickles Café about 2 miles off a major highway in the middle of nowhere! Pickles is vegetarian and vegan friendly and has a ton of fresh salads (for me) and sandwiches (for him). Not only that, but, their special of the day was gluten free blueberry almond pie! I ordered the Toss Salad minus any onions or cheese, and Austin ordered a Ham and cheese panini of some sort. All I remember is that the description said the ham was “piled on” and boy was it ever!


The atmosphere was lovely; we ate on a screened porch with mismatch tablecloths and furniture. The drinks were served in mason jars, and there was a store front shop attached with old time candies, fresh natural eggs, organic fresh meats, countless jellies and jams, spices, and rustic home goods. It was so cute and so much fun to look at everything! Behind the café there were little gardening sheds with knickknacks, like bohemian wind-chimes, cute signs, and flowers in bloom everywhere.



Overall, the lunch and entire outting was successful. The food was fresh and yummy, the café and shops were adorable, and Austin and I had a blast knocking down the average age of customers eating lunch there. We will most definitely be visiting Pickles Café again in the near future!


Developing a Date:

Look up and research hole-in-the-wall diners and café. Or better yet, ask around, sometimes the best ones really aren’t advertised and are a top secret food oasis. Get in that car (with snacks) and leave early enough so if you get lost you can still avoid hunger hostility. Enjoy the process of finding your destination and eating to your heart’s content. Take pictures, and make some lasting memories together!





One thought on “Pickles Café

  1. That looks like a very fun day! I can definitely say that I get a wee bit grumpy when I get too hungry… Or maybe a lot.. 😉
    Great post. 🙂

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