Fishing With the Best Fish in the Sea

Summer is all about making the most of the nice weather, relaxing, exploring, discovering a plethora of interests, and gaining new experiences. That being said, I naturally decided that my new hobby was going to be fishing. Maybe it is due to my youth or perhaps it is just my character, but I tend to get fixated and obsessed with different activities. Summer thus far has birthed a love and desire to fish. Do I eat the fish? No. Do I even keep the fish? No. I simply catch them, get so excited, identify them, get so excited, take an unreasonable amount of “fishy fotos,” get excited, release them, and start the entire process over again.


For a $17.00 fishing license I would say that fishing is a fairly cheap form of entertainment and splendid pastime. Money well spent in my opinion. Although…do not get me started on the fact that I am paying money to experience nature and revel in the beauty of the universe. But I digress, for less than the cost of dinner I have had the pleasure of spending countless afternoons with Austin fishing to my little hearts content.


I cannot explain how exciting feeling a fish nibble at your line is, let alone reeling in the fish! This is the perfect early morning, afternoon, or evening date. It is just fun. You get to be outdoors (hello vitamin D), get to be with someone you care about (yay for bonding), and you get to try an activity that is so much fun (woo hoo developing skills)!


Austin and I are currently tied in the fish department. However, the summer is still young and I still have time to out fish him and win the “Most Fish Caught” crown. Together we have both successfully caught and identified a smallmouth bass, a bluegill, a perch, and countless sunfish (which I am deeming is due to our sunshiny personalities). Not to mention enough weeds to make a kelpy salad for everyone in the neighborhood to feast on.


Developing a date:

Pack a fishermen’s lunch, make some sandwiches, pack a few drinks, and maybe some potato salad (not sure why but potato salad seems like something that goes along with fishing). Grab your poles, your significant other, a few worms, and some SPF 30 and get out there and grab some fish! Going on a fishing date could truly prove that you’ve already caught the best fish in the sea!



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