Black bean Edamame Red Quinoa

Quinoa is delicious, and red quinoa is just as yummy! Quinoa is packed with protein and is known as the super grain of the future. It seems to me that it is gaining a lot of popularity and more and more people are implementing this grain into their diet. And why wouldn’t they want to, it tastes good with whatever you eat. This little grain is gluten free and packed with protein! Not only that, but quinoa is rich in iron, fiber, magnesium, lysine, riboflavin (metabolism booster), and antioxidants! I would say it fits it’s nickname of super grain of the future quite well.


I decided to make some red quinoa for dinner last night, but wanted to spice it up by adding a few other ingredients. I decided to add some shelled edamame (unsalted), some chopped cashews (unsalted), and some black beans. I think you can tell how I am not really a big fan of added salt on my food. Tangent…foods are packed with way to many added salts, instead of buying anything salted, wash your food twice and wait until after everything is prepared before deciding to add any salt. You can add spices and other natural foods to enhance flavor instead of ruining a healthy dish with added salt.


The cashews, beans, and edamame mixed in the red quinoa was such a treat. The colors were vivid and the combination of foods was miraculous. The variety of textures and shapes within the quinoa made for a less uniform and more exciting and pleasing to the palate dinner dish. Sometime this week, try some red quinoa, and don’t be afraid to play up this super grain with some other ingredients!


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