Dressingless Salad

I am the definition of a picky eater. It does not help that the type of foods I can eat is limited (no gluten and lactose intolerant), but on top of that I am so particular about the texture, smell, appearance…and sound of food! You may be thinking umm what sound of food? Have you heard the sound of a banana ripping apart…? So that being said, I may be one of the world’s pickiest eaters. I love salad with all my heart, but some dressings just don’t cut it, they are either way too sweet, or too overpowering to where you cannot taste the greens. In all honesty, many dressings ruin salads completely and make them extremely unhealthy.

For lunch I decided to make a dressing-less salad by basing it off a tiny bit of olive oil and a whole bunch of fresh organic tomatoes. I decided that since it was kind of cloudy and dreary outside that I wanted a warmer based topping for my salad as opposed to a cold summer dressing. Sometimes mixing a crisp fresh spinach salad with a warmer dressing literally cannot be beat, it can really hit the spinach spot.


After laying down my bed of spinach:

Chopped carrots

Sliced tomatoes

Unsalted cashews

Whole green beans


And approximately a teaspoon of Olive Oil was added to a pan.

The juice from the tomatoes and carrots along with the olive oil created a lovely sauce that was combined and enhanced with just a pinch of sea salt and ground pepper for added flavor. This was then drizzled over the spinach and was quickly inhaled! The colors were beautiful and the salad tasted as delicious as it looked!

I really encourage you to try “dressing down” your salad. The more naked the salad, the better. A lot of the time I enjoy my greens completely raw. My other favorite alternatives are using hummus or salsa as the dressing, this adds so much flavor and texture to the dish. Yum!




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