Bring Back the Books

Maybe this is just me but it seems like nowadays a good book is underrated. I never see anyone at my University reading any sort of book that wasn’t assigned to them. (Sometimes they don’t even read those that were assigned!) In fact, I feel like when I read outside or before class people are stunned that I am reading an actual book…with words and lots of pages. This puzzles and concerns me for more than one reason.

I feel like our culture has steered away from books and toward electronic means and forms. I am sure there are some decent educational television shows, but they cannot challenge the mind and expand brain comprehension as much as reading does. Reading engages the brain in multiple facets. It increases vocabulary, reduces stress, and builds knowledge. Why wouldn’t you want to read?! It is a great hobby and way to past time, the pages smell comforting (weird…but true), and there is tons of literacy materials that match your interests. No matter what you like and what you find fascinating, I bet there is a book to make your hobby and love for that particular thing deeper. Do you like cats? Well there is a plethora of books on cats: types of cats, cat behaviors, cat habits, cat diets.

Get this…you can even borrow books and read as many as you want. I know, mind boggling, it is called a library and this magical book building actually wants you to read their books! The library is a simple path to happiness. Learn more by reading about your struggles, challenges, goals, and trials. Grow as an individual, as a child of God, or as a professional in a specific field, all by reading a book.

As far as society and youth goes, I cannot help but be a little concerned. Society today is so centralized around technology that we are losing sight of the power of pages and the brilliance of books. We put iPads in our 3 year olds hands instead of reading to them. We let our elementary school children come home and immediately turn on the television instead of cracking open book.

Reading positively impacts individuals. It stimulates the mind, is relaxing and stress relieving, and also improves writing, vocabulary, and the overall knowledge of someone. So I encourage you this week to take a trip to your library, to try to get lost in a book, and to revel in the beauty of a completely alternative world within literature.

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