Catching the Best Fish In the Sea

A classic summer hang out for Austin and myself would have to be Spikes/Noa Noa Sushi Bar. They are a conjoined masterpiece of food and atmosphere. Spikes has a live band each week, and is mostly outdoors overlooking the sand volleyball courts. My family and I love going here because the food screams summertime and the atmosphere is extremely laid-back! They just recently redid the majority of Spikes, so I am looking forward to many summer nights spent eating on the deck with the fresh summer air and some Hotel California playing in the background.

Noa Noa Sushi Bar is connected to Spikes but solely inside, so a little rain will never change your dinner plans. It consists of both a sushi bar and more formal dining area in comparison to the wild and free Spikes atmosphere. Noa Noa also has a fresh fish market and on top of that is well-known in the area for their incredible pies. Key lime pie anyone? How about coconut creme? Basically, both restaurants are delicious and a treat to eat at.

So enough of me gushing about how much I love Spikes and Noa, now on to the date aspect of this post. I strongly encourage you to explore the restaurants in your area or in your general vicinity. I love going to new places and engulfing myself in the surroundings and making memories with Aus. Honestly, wherever you try you will have fun and enjoy the experience because of who you are with. If the food is awful or the service is terrible…you’ll remember it, share laughs regarding it, and make a funny memory together.

Thankfully, our first experiences at both Spikes and Noa Noa were great. At Noa we shared some sushi (veggie of course because I am too much of a wimp to try raw fish), and both destroyed huge salads. So I encourage you and your significant other to choose a restaurant, sushi bar, cafe, or bakery that you’ve never been to and to make memories and enjoy some new yummy food.

Also, if you want to get really creative, you can make a book filled with a pages on each restaurant you’ve gone to. You can discuss what you liked and disliked and paste pictures of your time there. Kind of like a Smash book restaurant edition. Not only that, but you can fill it with images of the food, and can rate the food, service, and atmosphere. This will come in handy later on if you are ever stumped about choosing someplace to eat…or if you just want to look back and relive dinner dates you’ve been on.


Have you been to a:

Chinese restaurant together? Panda express doesn’t count!

Local Diner? Cajun style dining? How about a strictly vegan or vegetarian cafe?



Mix things up and try something new with your beau! 



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