Erstwhile Bucket List


1. Be a vegan for a month

2. Can vegetables

3. Go to Italy, Paris, and England

4. Go to Haiti and help orphans

5. Sew my own clothes

6. Paint a mural

7. Ride bikes and explore trails

8. Go to every trail or registered state park in Indiana

9. Adopt a kitten

10. Make my own homemade jam

11. Grow a small organic garden with fruit

12. Help deliver a baby

13. Help children overcome disabilities and walk

14. Read the bible more

15. Travel to all 50 states

16. Be able to shoot a bow and arrow/gun consistently and accurately

17. Learn and apply heat yoga to my life

18. Put together a cookbook of all my favorite gluten free recipes

19. Ride an elephant

20. Buy fresh produce and flowers from a vendor in Italy

21. Get something published something

22. Write a children’s book

23. Build a treehouse

24. Buy a teepee

25. Stay crafty and artsy though out my entire

26. Learn to knit things besides just scarves

27. Watch and help baby kittens being born

28. Take a Ridgeback dog on the trails

29. Go to Wimbledon and eat berries (no creme necessary)

30. See as much as the world as I can

31. Have tea in India and get Henna on my hands

32. To blog consistently

33. Climb a mountain

34. Go bungee jumping

35. Have a picnic in another country

36. Learn how to drive a sail boat

37. Learn how to throw on the wheel and make my own mugs

38. Make my own herbal remedies and natural medicines

39. Work for a non-profit organization

40. Go on a safari

41. Build a repurposed house

42. Flip a house

43. Learn to surf in Australia

44. Take a volunteer trip with the Peace Corps

45. Visit shoppes and bistros in Rome

46. Have my own personal library

47. Backpack through Colorado

48. Obtain a career I love and am passionate about

49. Be able to do the splits

50. Go scuba diving in the ocean

51. Learn how to make sushi




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