Bloomington Breakfast

I had the pleasure of attending a Military Ball this past weekend and besides it being extremely fun and memorable, it also meant I got the opportunity to explore Bloomington. I am sure this was just the start of many more adventures and trips but I wanted to share thoughts and pictures on the delicious breakfast we got Saturday morning.

We decided to go to the Bakehouse for a much needed and energy filled breakfast. We had so many adventures planned for the entire afternoon and we knew that a nutritious and satisfying breakfast was necessary to make the most of our day.

The atmosphere was lively and the aroma was filled with freshly brewed coffee. What’s not to like? After spending way to long looking at the menu we placed our orders and waited to be served. Bakehouse is famous for their delicious granola, and from Austin’s reaction I would say it was pretty darn good!

They are gluten free friendly and had food I could eat as well as bread I could consume if I wanted. Not only that, but they had a variety of fresh brewed coffee that was all so well roasted and blended that I didn’t even need to use any creamer. I was very content and I cannot wait to go back again and try other breakfast yummies.

So for a date, expand your horizons and go someplace you’ve never gone for breakfast in a brand new town, start your day off with a fun and nutritious meal. Fill yourself with fresh fruit and smooth coffee. The rest of the day you can spend exploring little shoppes and local attractions. There were so many hole-in-the-wall attractions in Bloomington and I am definitely going to go back and continue my exploration.




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