Lately I have come to the realization that perspective is everything. There is no one person who is lucky their whole entire life. Yes, sometimes we may feel like the world is against us, and sometimes we meet people who don’t prepare, who don’t work hard, and yet who always seem to achieve-we cannot help but feel a twinge of jealously toward them. But, really we need to focus solely on ourselves. On our growth and development as an individual. Whether we personally are becoming a better individual, a better significant other, a better daughter/son, a better community member, a better person in some aspect of our life. 

The only way we can achieve this is to accept that sometimes things are not going to go ideally how we would like. Maybe we feel like nothing is going our way. Or maybe we need to change our perspective and realize that it could be a lot worse. Someone somewhere is always going to be in a more challenging situation. We do not have the right to belittle each others trials or to compare our struggles. But, I do know this, today we woke up. Today we have the ability to do something with what we have been given (good or bad) and to improve upon ourselves and each other. 

Change your perspective to a positive one, it will make you a happier and healthier person. It has the potential to unlock an entire realm of good vibes, of blessings, and of realization of just how lucky we are. Dig deep, and find hope, strength, and purpose in today, because it is there…you just have to change your perspective. 



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