Whole Foods Date

ImageAs I have mentioned probably fifty times by now, I love organic and natural foods. That being said, when my boyfriend asked if I wanted to drive an hour in the snow and freezing cold to the Whole Foods Store, I of course, said YES!


This was my first trip here, and it most definitely won’t be my last. They had so many different brands and alternatives to healthy eating, and gf foods, and all organic and natural and good for your body! My thoughts are, if pesticides harm the plants and pests, then most likely they harm our bodies in more than one way, whether we know it or not yet. So basically, if you can, always go organic. The food is fresher and all around better in my personal opinion.


Maybe you’re thinking, wow grocery shopping isn’t a date. And if it is, then it isn’t a fun one. Oh no no no you are completely wrong. When you go somewhere new, and have a fun attitude and spend the day with someone who means a lot to you, yes it is fun, very fun. On top of that we decided to not get necessities. We brought twenty dollars and explored every single isle and together figured out what we wanted to buy most and made an adventure out of it!


We made so many memories and got such delicious food! You can make a “whole” date out of this, get some bakery items and coffee there, then shop for things you don’t necessarily need to have, but something you’ve always wanted to try, or a new brand, or something you can make. We made our own natural peanut butter that is to dieee for! You can always make your own trail mix from the what seemed like thousands of different nuts, chocolates, dried fruits, and different healthy, hearty, natural foods they have. Then take it back home, and try out some of your purchases, cook a meal with them, and pop in a movie, boom, fun and memorable date!


Our Purchases

  1. Bar of Natural Almond hand soap for me- makes your hands sooo soft and it smells like a dream
  2. Bar of Natural Almond Coffee Bean hand soap for him- two of our loves in life, coffee and almonds, a killer combination
  3. Container of natural peanut butter- this literally comes out like soft serve ice cream and is so full of flavor, not to mention so much fun to actually do. *Remember keep natural pb in the fridge to keep the good oils all present.
  4. Maple Nut Clif Bar- we haven’t tried this kind yet and got so excited when we saw this gem in their protein bar isle (which is huge)
  5. Clif Builders Chocolate Mint Bar- talk about a lot of protein 20+ grams per bar!
  6. 365 Trail Mix with chocolate chips, raspberries, peanuts, and almonds- by far some of the best trail mix I have ever consumed.


We were also close to purchasing some gluten free chocolate chip cookie dough, some jam (I am a jam freak), and some soft apple cinnamon oatmeal snack bars. There was sooo much to chose from and we had a hard time making up our mind!


Sometimes the most simple dates and everyday activities and errands can be fun with your significant other. Just switch things up, treat yourself, and then most importantly have fun! 



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