HOORAY for Hunger Games

Yes, it’s true I have been sucked in. Sucked into the glory and obsession of the Hunger Games Trilogy. But with all due respect I was completely and utterly in love with the books before the movies were even a thought, so my love is justified. I couldn’t put them down and may or may not have accidentally on purpose read them all in less than a week. To say they were excellent is an understatement, they are so dynamic and in depth and surprisingly real.

No, not in the reality that we have annual Hunger Games, but real in the fact that it is possible if we don’t stand up for what is right and for what freedom means. If we turn a blind eye to the less fortunate and create a huge wedge between classes, whether it be wealth, cultures, or religions dangerous and scary things could happen to our society as a whole. Several of the revolutions throughout history have been because of “have” and “have nots” (shown in districts vs. capitol) This is demonstrated in the Hunger Games and it is so prominent in the books especially. Not only that, but, the books and movies created such vivid characters.

The actors of the movie do such a great job of portraying the characters in the book, and they really come just as alive on the screen as they are in the books. Overall, I was very pleased with how the movies have been put together, they did a great job of capturing the  details present in writing. I love these books for many reasons, and I am loving the films for the same reasons. Deep plot, details, action packed, and surprisingly possible and awakening to all of human kind.

The power, determination, and drive of Katniss, (played brilliantly by JL). never giving into society, always being true to herself and those who love. Matched with the love and dedication of Peeta (hello.. thank you so much for not having the typical girl chasing the boy), his sensitivity and love are too heartwarming. Literally you will melt. And the entire concept of districts rebelling against an unjust system, people knowing they have to work together for a common good. Standing up and fighting, all because of the original courage of one girl. One stubborn, powerful girl that caused a ripple of hope and changed the fate of the everyone. What’s not to love?

If you haven’t read them, or seen the movies, I really do recommend doing so. They are much deeper than you’d imagine, and really teach valuable lessons and come on they are a great story that you just won’t be able to put down.


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