One of the Perks of Christmas

Ok so I am going to start making a running list of blog posts focusing on the perks of the Christmas season. Now, of course there is the whole celebration of Christ’s birth, which is the most important and best part of Christmas. And maybe I will do a different post on that in the near future. But I want to touch on the many fun activities we can do, or that we have available to us during this snowy season! 

My Christmas perk for today is the 25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family. Alright, now you’re thinking wow, this girl is a tele addict and needs a life. False, I probably watch a total of 2 hours of television a week…yes all on Saturday. However, I would gladly up my television watching for some classic Christmas movies! Television wise it doesn’t get much better than this. You are guaranteed a good movie every single night for 25 days! It’s basically a Christmas miracle! 

Pixar movies, an entire weekend of Harry Potter (they are premiering the very last one), and Christmas classics all on one channel, every single night! Exciting news, it starts this Wednesday, November 20th, which means that from then on, whenever you are having a not so good day, or need some Christmas cheer, ABC Family has got you covered! I have included an image that lists all the movies and the dates they are showing, my favorite Christmas movie would probably have to be Elf, or maybe Christmas with the Kranks, really you cannot go wrong with either. They are both hilarious and some of the best movies around, Christmas or not! ImageImageImage


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