Fall Picnic

Who doesn’t like picnics? That’s right, no one, because picnics are so much fun and and such a great date! Picnics are much more popular in the warmer months and summer, but why not go on a picnic this fall before snow covers the ground.

This is such a cute date, just bring:

  • Thermoses of soup
  • Hot chocolate or cider
  • Utensils (nothing worse than forgetting to pack a spoon…)
  • Napkins
  • Blankets
  • Warm fall treats (pumpkin roll anyone?)
  • Basket
  • Each others company!

One benefit to having a fall picnic is the fact that you can enjoy the beautiful trees outside, and usually since it is not super hot out, not as many people are out and about, and you have an area all to yourself to enjoy with your significant other. How romantic and cute! Maybe even bring a candle if you really wanted to! 😉

The first part of the date can be packing up your basket and cooking your meal of hot foods that will keep you warm and toasty in the crisp fall air. I have found out that cooking with your boyfriend or girlfriend is literally one of the most memorable and fun things ever, turn on some music, and get the stove going, and in no time you’ve made a delicious meal for each other.

I definitely recommend a fall picnic excursion, you can be bundled up in cozy sweater, take lots of pictures, eat yummy foods that warm you from the inside out, and snuggle up and soak in each others company. There is nothing better. Plus, it is an inexpensive, unique date, that you will always remember. In fact, you could even make a tradition out of it every year!

Austin and I LOVE picnics, so we are definitely going to go on a fall picnic really soon! This summer alone we went on 3 different picnics, so I thought I would share some pictures!



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