Sprinkles Cupcakes

Alright, I will admit, I have a raging sweet tooth at times. It cannot be helped! I want to share one of my absolute favorite little treats that will brighten literally any day. Sprinkles Cupcakes. Sprinkles Cupcake shops are located in larger cities, so when I visit Chicago, it is one of the stops I always make. Now you are probably thinking, Lindsay I thought you couldn’t have gluten. Ah you are so right, that is why Sprinkles is so good…they cater to those with gluten intolerances and sensitivities. Not to mention, they make the best cupcakes ever. They are moist (I hate that word with a burning passion, but it’s the best word to describe it), have the best texture and flavor, and the icing is top notch.


As if this wasn’t life-changing enough, they have a cupcake ATM. Mmmhmm, a cupcake ATM! That means that if you want a cupcake when they are closed or super busy and you don’t want to wait in line, you can get one out of a machine right outside the shop. They make sure it is freshly stocked with all the different flavors, and it is so fun to use!


If you cannot make it up to a Sprinkles anytime soon and you are dying to try one, you can order one of their mixes online and make your own little treat the next time you are craving a cupcake!


Lastly, absolutely everyone can find something that they will love to devour, even our furry friends–they have doggy cupcakes. Too cute! And if you are watching your sugar or are diabetic they have sugar free. Honestly, any flavor imaginable or any dietary limitation can be met! There are 29 different flavors and they are constantly adding more, and offering seasonal specials. This November they are offering Pumpkin and a Salty Caramel flavor. Read the descriptions…you’ll fall in love.


You’re welcome. 


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