Current Obsessions

I am the type of person that absolutely obsesses over things and falls completely in love with them and just can’t get enough of them. Here are a few of the current products I am just head over heels for!

Image1) EOS

EOS stands for evolution of smooth, it is a lip balm that looks like a little egg. Besides the super unique and fun design, this lip balm is the best! It makes my lips so soft, and the different flavors are so refreshing! I have just about every kind they make (I told you I was obsessed) but there is a new one out…vanilla bean. Basically I cannot wait to purchase this, because it just seems perfect for putting on after drinking a warm chai. Which brings me to my next obsession.

Image2) Spiced Chai

Big Train Chai is the perfect hot drink. I love curling up on a cold day and sipping a spiced chai, it warms you from the inside out and always hits the spot! To make matters even better, you can buy Big Train Chai in bulk online and then you can make them yourself in the kitchen! It is just as yummy and cheaper too! Win win!


3) Thick boot socks

Ok boot socks are so necessary now that the temperaturesare dropping. They make your feet so snug and warm. Not to mention they come in so many cute designs and colors. I am so excited to wear my boots with my boot socks around campus this winter. They will keep my toes so toasty!Image

4) Blueberry Crisp Clif Bars

Not much needs to be said about these babies. They are hardy and wonderful snacks, you cannot go wrong with one of these clifs when you are looking for a snack. On the trail or just at home, clif bars come in so many different varieties and literally they all taste delicious. Blueberry Crisp is not even my favorite kind, but lately I have been just eating these up. Plus, they are packed with great organic and natural ingredients!


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