Fall Date at the Apple Orchard


There is nothing better than the crisp fall air and the beautiful trees with their leaves changing that we have been experiencing lately. While, enjoying a nice autumn day is fun to do by yourself, it is even more fun and enjoyable if you share it with someone else! Plus, fall is the perfect season for cute dates with your significant other.


Apple Picking:

This is by far such a festive activity! Apples are ready and eager to be picked, and who doesn’t like a big juicy apple to snack on?! Mix that with the company of someone you care about, and you are in for a fun day! Last time Austin and I were home from college we decided to go apple picking despite the somewhat rainy weather and it was a blast! Besides the fact that in general the entire process is fun, it’s so much cheaper per pound compared to the grocery stores. Most apple orchards don’t make you pay a fee for picking, they just weight your bushel at the end and calculate your total. We ended up getting almost 14 pounds for around 11 dollars!

Not only will you have yummy apples to munch on for days, but you can make some delicious seasonal desserts by using the apples that you picked! A few of my favorites are apple pie, with a gluten free crust mainly made of crisco, water, and some almond flour, or an apple tart or cider. There is something really rewarding about picking your own ingredients and then baking them into something scrumptious for both you and your significant other to enjoy!

ImageThe apples we picked were Jonigold and Fuji apples. We came too late in the season for the Honeycrisp apples which are my all time favorite apple. Once you have had a Honeycrisp no other apple really compares. I am not over exaggerating either. They are normally a larger sized apple, with tons of sweetness, a hint of tartness, and a great crunch! However, the Jonigolds and Fuji apples are great apples too! Despite the rainy wether this date was so much fun, and we made lots of memories! I definitely think we are going to make a seasonal tradition out of this…maybe we will even pick blueberries or strawberries!



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